Lee “Scratch” Perry, the Upsetter - Original Dub Dadaist Speaks No Evil (1990-2019)

About 35 years from now I started my journey into a musical universe called "DUB". In the the summer of 1984 I met a guy, who knowed, that I was already interested in Reggae music. He told me: "You like Reggae? Okay, come to my house and I will show you something you will love." This was the first time I heard artists like Augustus Pablo, Jacob Miller, Rico Rodriguez, Deadly Headly, Aswad, Prince Far I, Pablo Gad and last (but realy not least): Lee "Scratch" Perry, the Upsetter! Thank you for opening this musical door for me, Robby!

The works of Mr. Perry can be divided in three parts:a singing carreer, and than before and after the Black Ark burned down. The first parts were showcased in a lot of compilations, mixtapes and podcasts. So it is time to pay attention to the third part, when chanting, singing and toasting are the main things.

This mix starts with one of the first Lee "Scratch" Perry / Mad Professor colaborations taken from the album "Mystic Warrior" and it´s Dub counterpart. After all the years one of my favourite albums. Followed by a Dub Syndicate tune, one of the many works with Adrian Sherwodd and the On-U-Sound crew. Over the years the Upsetter works with many musicans and producers: Pura Vida, Subatomic Sound System, Bill Laswell, Alpha Steppa or ERM, to name only a few. Some specials are on this mix tape: Sound Of Jamaica (Horns version) is taken from the bunch of extra versions, that were given to the crowdfounding members, that make the album "Back On The Controls" possible. And the teaser for the upcoming new AMS / LSP thing: "Rainford".

His lyriks are pure Dadaism: sometimes strange, but most of the time more a Mystic Warrior than a Bad Boy.


So, here´s the playlist:

  1. Lee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor - Mystic Warrior [1990] 00:00:00
  2. Lee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor - Mystic Warrior Dub [1990] 00:03:27
  3. Dub Syndicate feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry - The Only Alternative [1995] 00:07:05
  4. Lee Perry - Revelation Revolution And Evolution [2010] 00:11:24
  5. Lee "Scratch" Perry & Pura Vida - Mystic Morning [2015] 00:16:44
  6. Lee Perry - Sound Of Jamaica [2014] 00:20:22
  7. Lee Perry - Sound Of Jamaica (Horns version) [2014] 00:23:54
  8. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Dead Meat [2018] 00:27:28
  9. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Dead Meat Dub [2018] 00:31:02
  10. Lee Perry - God Smiled [2008] 00:34:34
  11. Lee Perry - Rastafari [2004] 00:38:50
  12. Lee "Scratch" Perry + Subatomic Sound System - War Ina Babylon [2017] 00:42:59
  13. Lee "Scratch" Perry + Subatomic Sound System - Black Vest (Dubstrumental Mix) [2017] 00:48:05
  14. Lee "Scratch" Perry - African Starship [2019] 00:53:13
  15. Lee "Scratch" Perry_Bill Laswell - Orthodox (feat. Gigi) [2011] 00:57:16
  16. Alpha Steppa feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Open Door (Vocal) [2013] 00:61:20
  17. Alpha Steppa feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Open Door (Dub) [2013] 00:64:25
  18. Lee "Scratch" Perry, ERM - No Bad Boy [2012] 00:68:17

Art work and Selektion Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. Germany. March 2019. 

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