Dub Rock Cafe Vol.2

Welcome back to Switch Docta´s Dub Rock Café!
Again a blend of Dub, Punk, Reggae, Rock and Ska. Again a 100 % streetlevel sound from the late 70s to today.
This edition contains artists like the Bad Brains (a tribute to the Beastie Boy Adam Yauch), Fat Freddy´s Drop (Slings and Arrows-7"), Ini Oneness with the UK Players from the 90s, the Members (a Dub version of Kraftwerks "Model" from the late 70s), the Police-like Beautiful Girls,  Manu Chao in combination with LKJ and Dennis Bovell, the Valkyrians (a Ska version of the good old the Others-hit "Another girl, another planet") and Copycat (an organ powered version of the Sex Pistols classic "Anarchy in the UK")...

Live mix, no tricks.


So, here´s the playlist:

  1. Black Star Dub Collective - Until Babylon Falls  0:00
  2. Bad Brains - MCA Dub  4:24
  3. Mo Kalamity & Barbes D - Keep on fighting dub  8:03
  4. Fat Freddy´s Drop - Slings and Arrows 12:02
  5. UK Players featuring InI Oneness - Take Heed 16:26
  6. Ghetto Priest - System Of The Last Cause Man 22:37
  7. Ruts DC - Technology Super Dub  27:30
  8. The Members - The Model  31:45
  9. Dubiterian meets The Scientist - Up Warrika Rock  36:47
  10. Snuff vs Urban Dub - Blue Gravy (Burn Down Babylon Version)  40:20
  11. Vic Fin - Egyptian Reggae (Incredible VST Band Remix)  45:00
  12. Bedouin Soundclash - When The Night Feels My Song  52:32
  13. The Valkyrians - Another Girl Another Planet  55:42
  14. Beautiful Girls - Sir, Your Fashion Has The Cold Heart Of A Killer  57:38
  15. Manu Chao feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson -Politik kills (Dennis Bovell remix)  3:02
  16. Freedom Fighters - Heavy Breath  1:06:21
  17. Roots Zombie - Dub comes from the roots  1:03:18
  18. The Offs - Cool Down  1:14:24
  19. Copycat - Anarchy Dub  1:18:18

Artwork and Selektion by Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. Germany. June 2015.

Don´t forget: Dub Rock Café Vol. 1 is here

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