Tack>>Head - One Thousend Overdubs

When Funk turns Dub turns Industrial turns Dub turns Funk, then you are here: TACK>>HEAD! A band that fascinates me since the late 80s...

"Tackhead was created when bassist Doug Wimbish, guitarist Skip McDonald and drummer Keith Leblanc, the SugarHill Records house band (and one of the electro funk most recorded rhythm section) met english dub master and On-U sound boss Adrian Sherwood in 1984.
First under the moniker Fats Comet then Tackhead, they have recorded experimental 12" singles, using sampler as a real instrument, mixing dub, funk and industrial music. In 1989, vocalist Bernard Fowler joined the band into a less underground direction.
Tackhead was also a backing band for Mark Stewart or Gary Clail." (taken from www.discogs.com)


So, here´s the playlist:

  1. Intro
  2. Tack»Head (1985)- Mind At The End Of The Tether 00:24
  3. Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System (1987)- What's My Mission Now ? (Fight The Devil) 06:28
  4. Tackhead (1987) - Free South Africa 12:18
  5. Tackhead / Gary Clail (1988)- Reality 14:17
  6. Tack>>Head (1989)- Ticking Time Bomb (Switch Docta Mega Mix 2017) 21:19
  7. Tackhead feat. Bernard Fowler (1990) - Dangerous Sex (Sex Remix) 29:48
  8. Tackhead feat. Bernard Fowler (1990)- Class Rock (Re-Rock Mix) 34:54
  9. Tack>>Head feat. Bernard Fowler (1989)- Demolition House 39:26
  10. Tack>>Head (2014) - War (Steakhouse Mix) 43:31
  11. Tackhead (2016) - Fire (Robo Bass Hifi RMX) 47:11
  12. Tack>>Head (2017) - One Thousand Overdubs 51:29

Art work and Selektion by Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. Germany. October 2017. Art work based on Planet Of The Apes movie still.


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