On-U Sound Dub Special - the Switch Docta pre-selection pt.2

Welcome back to Switch Doctas On-U Sound special at Tom Bauminista´s Dub Conference Radio.


So, here´s the playlist:

  1. Interlude
  2. Revolutionary Dub Warriors - Dread (Part 1) 00.13
  3. Singers & Players -Pneumatic 05.30
  4. Playgroup - Silent Mover 09.49
  5. African Head Charge - Dinosaur's Lament 14.32
  6. Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers - Final Frontier 19.29
  7. Audio Active - Frog In The Well 24.54
  8. Audio Active - Dub Out Of The Well 29.65
  9. Outro 33.18
  10. Dub Syndicate feat. Doctor Pablo - No Alternative (But To Fight) 33.54

Hope you found some unexpected sounds ;-)
And here´s part 1 of the mix.
Respect to Tom Bauminista and thanks for having me here. And stay tuned to Dub Conference Radio at: www.versionist.net.
Artwork and Selektion (vinyl only!) by Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. Germany. February 2015.

Problems with listening? Visit me at mixcloud.

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