Baroque Dub - wearing nothing but a dub attitude [1999-2012]

Baroque Dub was one of the projects, that encouraged me to start an own podcast. 44 mixtapes, 16 digital 7" and 12" single releases, a web radiostation, samples and midi riddims spoke for them selves (btw: all releases can be downloaded for free here or here).
Starting with "reggae tinged electronica with one foot in the chillout lounge and one foot on the dance floor", the second track features Sure Dread as well as the veteran Barry Brown. "Cuss Cuss" and Jackie Mittoo´s "Drum Song" are digital reworks of the classic riddims, of course. The next two tunes are moving in a little bit darker electro-reggae/dubstep direction. With "Every Tongue Shall Tell" the mixtape turned back to dub reggae, "Artibella Dub" is an organ driven version of the Ken Boothe hit song. From "the soundtrack to an imaginary film detailing the exploits of a young man's struggle through the trials of ghetto life" recorded using an AtariST, an E64 sampler and a Mackie mixer "King Sequence" is a sample loaded masterpiece from 1999 (!). "Ghetto People Song" is a LalaBella riddim, originaly voiced by Everton Blender. Southside Dub: "A slinky anthem for more leftfield dancefloors." Ini Kamoze's "Burnin'" comes in a slow and heavy dub version, "Valley of Dub" appears in two droning versions. The set is finished with a "slow burning fat slice of electro dub" called "Lollipop Dub" . Booom!!


So, here´s the playlist:

  1. Baroque Dub (2006) - Wearing Nothing But Attitude  00:00:00
  2. Sure Dread feat. Barry Brown (2006) - Redemption (Baroque Dub Champion Version) 00:05:44
  3. Baroque Dub (2006) - Cuss Cuss 00:09:29
  4. Baroque Dub (2006) - Drum Song 00:14:05
  5. Baroque Dub (2007) - Dark Matter 00:18:05
  6. Baroque Dub (2007) - Majestic 00:22:08
  7. Baroque Dub (2007) - Every Tongue 00:27:05
  8. Baroque Dub (2008) - Artibella Dub 00:31:16
  9. Baroque Dub (1999) - King Sequence 00:35:49
  10. Baroque Dub (2008) - Ghetto People Song [Extended 12" Disco Mix] 00:40:47
  11. Baroque Dub (2010) - Southside Dub 00:47:57
  12. Baroque Dub (2010) - Burning Version 00:52:56
  13. Baroque Dub (2010) - Valley of Dub (Original Mix) 00:59:41
  14. Baroque Dub (2010) - Valley of Dub (Roots Dub) 01:03:54
  15. Baroque Dub (2012) - Lollipop Dub 01:07:59

Artwork and Selektion by Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. Germany. July 2020. Artwork is inspired by and all quotes are taken from original website.

Maybe you want to listen to it at Mixcloud:


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