Sunday Joint - a Switch Docta Off-Beat Matinee for

The blogrebellen-crew asked me for a contribution to their famous Sunday Joint series. What a honour and pleasure, indeed.
You can read the whole article and listen and download the exclusive selection here. Or find an alternative place to enjoy at soundcloud.

After I had made a few sketchy selections from the most different styles (Drum & Bass, Neo-Dub, TripHop, HipHop, Jazz, Funk and even Folk) which were not anyhow the right ones, I was stuck. Then I have listened after long time once more to Michelle Shocked. Namely her unusual double CD "Deep Natural/Dub Natural". And then it went all at once like by itself.

After the A-Capella-Intro of Michelle Shocked follow Off-Beat-Instrumentals and Dubs with the spirit of the pre-digital and band-oriented aera. It starts calmly and laidback with Phil Harmony and Sonic Boom. Further it goes with tracks featuring the classic solo instruments of reggae : e.g., the Dead 60see the organ, Dub Guerrilla trombone and guitar, Bluekiller the trumpet, 10ft. Ganja Plant the melodica and Cedric Brooks the saxophone. There follow two relatively new reggaedubs of tracks which were recorded with female singers (Dennis Bovell / Joss Stone and Prince Fatty/Holly Cook). Shortly before end still comes an instrumental tune with a surprising Free Jazz middle section and as a final track a lover's rock of Dubblestandart feat. Marcia Griffiths, remixed by the Hard Fi and Roots Manuva producer Wrong Tom.


And here´s the playlist:

  1. Michelle Shocked - (((Joy)))    00:00:00
  2. Phil Harmony - Digilog Jazz Dub    00:00:16
  3. Sonic Boom - The Dub And The Restless    00:04:39
  4. the Slackers - Dub for schooling    00:09:10
  5. Dub Guerilla - Victim Version    00:11:28
  6. Bluekilla - River style    00:18:12
  7. Victor Rice - Drum Thief    00:22:56
  8. Brass, Wood & Wires - Seven Nights    00:27:27
  9. Senior All Stars - Red Leaf Dub    00:32:32
  10. the Dead 60s - D-60s Fights The Evil Force    00:36:01
  11. 10 ft Ganja Plant - Righteous dub    00:38:30
  12. Cedric Brooks - It's Up To You    00:43:12
  13. Dennis Bovell feat. Joss Stone - Molly Town Dub    00:46:37
  14. Prince Fatty feat. Holly Cook - And The Beat Goes On Dub    00:50:10
  15. D.U.B.Works - Jazz Dub    00:53:10
  16. Dubblestandart feat. Marcia Griffiths - Holding You Close (Wrong Tom´s Close Teng Remix)    00:59:15

Artwork and Selektion by Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. Germany. Februay 2016.
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