Head Room Extension pt.1

If one project stands for my motto „... and you will know us by a trail of drums” than African Head Charge is the one. From roots reggae tunes via african tribal drumming to polyrhtmic studio experiments you will find everything. In January 2004 I created a double Cd album for a few friends of mine with the extracts of my African Head Charge, Noah House of Dread (Bongo´s Roots band) and Institute of Dubology (members of AHC colaboration) collection (taken from 7 and 12 inch singles and albums on vinyl and cd, 1981 to 2003). Now is the time to update and re-edit this and fill it up with some fresh 2011 tracks.

Stay tuned, pt.2 will follow.

For a complete AHC discography and more information check www.skysaw.org.

And never forget to have a look at the offical On-U Sound site.


So, here´s the playlist:

  1. Noah House of Dread - Wicked Kingdom 04:13 (taken from Heart album)
  2. Noah House of Dread - Babylon Cup 06:11 (taken from Heart 2 album)
  3. Institute of Dubology - Nova 06:08 (taken from … feat. Tuffhead, DJ Squidly & Passion album)
  4. African Head Charge - Animal Law Remix 07:06 (taken from Pay it all back Vol.5 compilation)
  5. African Head Charge - More of The Other (Bonus Track) 02:21(taken from Voodoo of the Godsent album)
  6. African Head Charge - Off the Beaten Track 05:01(taken from Great Vintage Vol.2 compilation)
  7. African Head Charge - Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline and Dignity 03:18 (taken from Songs of Praise album)
  8. African Head Charge - To Fari Hail 03:36 (taken from Akwaaba album)
  9. African Head Charge - Elastic Dance 03:44 (taken from Great Vintage Vol.1 compilation)
  10. African Head Charge - No, don´t Folllow Fashion (version 2) 05:43 (taken from In persuit of Shashamane Land album)
  11. African Head Charge - Stone Charge 04:11(taken from My Life in a Hole in the Ground album)
  12. African Head Charge - Latin Temperament 03:24 (taken from Inveromental Studies album)
  13. African Head Charge - Over the Sky 03:14 (taken from Off the Beaten Track album)
  14. African Head Charge - Many Generations 07:11 (taken from Drastic Season album)
  15. African Head Charge - Timbuktu Express 04:28 (taken from Pay it all back Vol.1 compilation)

Artwork and Selektion by Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. Germany. September 2011. Cover art work inspired by Kishi Yamamoto.

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