Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Beyond The Horizon

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: first class live musicans meet first class dub mixing artists (with a wide range of musical influences and a unique sense of musical humor). Own compositions, interpretations, versions and dubs of/with artists like Umberto Echo, Victor Rice, Horace Andy, M, Bad Brains (The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth), the Clash (Willie William´s Armagideon Time), Yes (Owner Of A Lonely Heart), Rage Against The Machine (Bomb Back), the Dubsyndicate feat. U-Roy, Äl Jawala, Martha and the Muffins and last, but not least William S. Burroughs.
Follow them Beyond the Horizon and don´t forget to catch them live!


So, here´s the playlist:

  1. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - R    00:00:00
  2. Horace Andy - Wicked Babylon Must Go Down (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill vs Umberto Echo)    00:08:25
  3. M - Pop Muzik (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Remix)    00:14:20
  4. Kein Hass da -  The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth (Dub Spencer Remix)    00:20:24
  5. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Armagideon Time    00:23:53
  6. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Galli Dani (Umberto Echo Dub)    00:28:27
  7. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - A Fistful of Dub    00:32:24
  8. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill feat. the Homestories- Owner Of A Dub Heart    00:37:27
  9. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill feat. Nya - Bomb Back    00:41:42
  10. the Dub Syndicate feat. U-Roy  - Dub Is All I Got (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Remix)    00:46:43
  11. Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Remix)    00:51:32
  12. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - 24h Race (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill vs Umberto Echo) [Umberto Echo Mix]    00:55:43
  13. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Wanna Ride    01:0:026
  14. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Dub Cup (Victor Rice Remix)    01:04:36
  15. William S. Burroughs conducted by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Virus B-23 (Cities of the Red Night)    01:07:46
  16. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Piccard    01:11:21
  17. Äl Jawala - Air Du Jawala (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Remix)    01:15:51

Art work and Selektion by Switch Docta. Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin-Kreuzberg. August 2017



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