Muslimgauze: The Download Mixdown

Muslimgauze by Ibrahim Khider (March 2005)
 "He was a guy who was very smart, very sharp, and very funny, in an untypical way, so that if you worked with him and got on his wavelength, he was a joy. He was cool guy and sorely missed. He never came across as a person who was interested in Islam as a religious faith. It was more to do with the political movement of the Middle East more than anything else. He was obviously very knowledgeable because when you look at his song titles he was talking about obscure figures in that part of the world and making obscure jokes. He wasn't a Muslim and to me he never came across as one who had a deep understanding of the Islamic faith." In later years, Bryn seemed to be emerging from his isolationist tendencies as he was besought with more requests for collaborations, remix projects, shows, and interviews. It's highly unlikely Muslimgauze would have ever "made it big," but he was getting wider recognition and acclaim for his music. This may have had something to do with emerging cultural changes in the latter decade of his life, with accelerating migrations to the West and the advent of electronic dance music. A new generation of savvy listeners perceived music beyond traditional pop constraints, and Muslimgauze was no longer such a stretch; increasingly, his listeners are from places to which Bryn dedicated his music"

Zitate von Muslimgauze: "Sie mögen vielleicht Wodka. Ich mag arabische Kultur."

"Ich bin nicht religiös. Das bringt nur Ärger. Wenn andere Leute glauben, ist das deren Sache, für mich ist das nichts."

(auf die Frage nach Resonanz auf die Musik in den arabischen Ländern) "Null. Keine. Aber wir erwarten auch keine. Das ist nicht wichtig.”


So here´s the playlist:

  1. Opiate And Mullah 06:33
  2. Kabul Is free under A Veil 01:44
  3. Under Saffron 06:35
  4. Turkish Sword Swallower 02:44
  5. Mosule 11:45
  6. Old Bombay vinyl junkie 08:05
  7. Bilechik Skills 05:31
  8. Algeciras 04:24
  9. Rebiana Sand Sea 05:27
  10. Youssif Gujarati 04:34
  11. Abu Nidal 05:43

free Downloads via epitonic(dot)com Made at Electric Lion´s Den. Berlin. Germany. Mix down by Switch Docta January 2007
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